The Pros and Cons of Invention Promotion Companies

Many companies exist in the business world that make their living through helping inventors obtain and license patents on their inventions. These invention promotion companies offer a seemingly fantastic list of services provided to inventors for a fee.

The services of California patent attorneys are almost always safer for inventors, as attorneys risk losing their Bar license and reputation for not performing ethically – a weakness invention promotion companies do not have.

What Invention Promotion Companies Do

The services offered by invention promotion companies are not very different from those offered by most California patent attorneys, except that they often charge outlandish fees for simple tasks.

For example, many invention promotion companies offer patent searching in their extensive list of services included in your “package.” Anyone with a computer can conduct a patent search for free, either in the U.S. or internationally through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or the World International Property Organization (WIPO) online databases.

Invention promotion companies also offer to help you obtain your patent, but charge huge fees on top of the standard patent application fees. In many cases, if a patent application takes longer than expected, they may require you to extend your contract for their services. Trusted California patent attorneys know that proper filing and well constructed applications often make it through the application process more quickly than poorly prepared documents, saving you time and money.

The Shady Side of Invention Promotion Companies

Invention promotion companies prey on 3 main emotions: greed, shame and fear. They advertise that with the help of their services, they will help you make millions with your invention. Most inventors don’t just invent things for the fun of it, they are usually looking to make a profit, and the invention promotion companies proclaim loud and clear that your invention could be the next million-dollar product.

Shame is another intimidation factor invention promotion companies use to guilt inventors into either paying more money or to keep them quiet about being ripped off. No one wants to admit that their amazing invention wasn’t a success, so they’ll keep quiet about the thousands of dollars they sunk into using a scam-artist invention promotion company.

Fear is the third tactic that invention promotion companies use to keep their ripped off customers quiet about their services. Many consumers who have posted complaints online have found themselves on the wrong end of a frivolous lawsuit from the invention promotion company they were complaining about. These lawsuits are just scare tactics – and if you find yourself faced with such an issue, California patent attorneys can help you.

Hiring California Patent Attorneys

For every legitimate invention promotion company out there, there are 10 more out to make money for themselves and not you. Your best bet for finding an honest invention promotion company is to do your research and obtain the advice of others who have successfully patented and licensed their inventions.

For honest, experienced help in obtaining your patent and maintaining its status, the California patent attorneys at the ADLI Law Group P.C. are ready to assist you. The ADLI Law Group has formed lasting relationships with businesses across Los Angeles County and around the globe. Contact us today for experienced help with patenting your invention – 213-290-4933.