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The litigation lawyers at ADLI Law Group have the skills and experience that you need to feel confident about your litigation case. From entertainment representation and international tax litigation, we’ve got an individual that can provide you with guidance, advice, and support while working through your case.

Browse the wide range of litigation and law services that we offer at ADLI Law Group below. For more information on a given service, visit the page dedicated to the service where we have gone into depth with each service. If you have any questions following this, feel free to contact our office where we would be more than happy to help and get you set up with the litigation lawyer that you need. Our team of professionals has your best interest at hand.


Litigation & Dispute Resolution


ADLI’s client focus is designed to help you maximize your legal position and limit your liability in any legal dispute. We strive to provide clients with efficient and practical advice and believe that the best litigation results are a byproduct of strategic planning tailored to prevention and preparation. Our attorneys work efficiently to minimize costs, while still positioning your case for the greatest likelihood of success. We focus on quick resolution strategies like early mediation, binding arbitration, settlement through direct negotiations, and summary adjudication.  Experience has taught us that each of our litigation and transactional practices can benefit from the experiences of the other.  Accordingly, our litigation and transaction teams work closely together to benefit our clients.




“ADLI gets the deal done!”  The transactional attorneys at ADLI are trusted counselors and advisors to businesses in their intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret) and commercial transactions in a range of industries. ADLI’s transactional practice is known for delivering efficient and practical solutions to complex legal issues. Our team has executed transactions in both regulated and unregulated industries (such as cannabis). ADLI’s transaction team works closely with the firm’s litigation practice to ensure that each client is positioned favorably to avoid litigation or is well-positioned to prevail in any litigation that becomes necessary. In today’s competitive and multi-faceted economy, intellectual property, and the exclusivity it provides can give businesses a big advantage over competitors.  Intellectual property and business contracts need to be clear and concise, disputes need to be anticipated, and deals need to be efficiently done to efficiently minimize disruptions.


Intellectual Property


ADLI is dedicated to protecting its clients’ ideas, products, technology, brands, and businesses, at the bargaining table or in court. Led by a team with decades of experience in intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret), ADLI’s efficient and tailored legal counseling and advice has helped clients secure their innovative works with the United States Patent and Trademark and Copyright Offices; structure complex transactions; negotiate licenses, content creation, and exploitation deals; assist joint ventures and other types of collaborations; write and negotiate commercial agreements. If it becomes clear that your intellectual property has been violated or is otherwise compromised, we excel in trying cases before juries, judges, and arbitrators in both State and Federal Courts.


Consulting & Counseling


Often, a business requires more than just legal advice or representationit requires practical advice tailored to its particular needs, goals, and budget. Perhaps you are just getting started with the set-up of your new business, or maybe you have an opportunity to scale a successful enterprise and are looking to implement technological and management changes. Perhaps you are trying to develop, expand, or protect your intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret) portfolio. Perhaps you are adding to your workforce and want to make sure you are in compliance with fast-changing employment rules and regulations.

Whatever the scenario, ADLI possesses the experience and knowledge to provide efficient and practical solutions tailored to your business’s needs, goals, and budget. We are dedicated to the whole of your business and your long-term objectives. Whether it’s facilitating intellectual property or business transactions on your behalf, representing you in a dispute, or helping strategize the next phases of your growth, ADLI’s team of trusted advisors can provide it. Ask us how we can help you and your business.