Conducting a Worldwide Patent Search

One of the most frustrating parts of applying for a patent is finding out your application is rejected because the invention is already patented. By conducting proper searches ahead of filing your application, you can avoid this hassle, and the same applies to international patents. Conducting a worldwide patent search can be simple, but a more detailed search and analysis is easier conducted with the help of a California patent attorney.

Why You Should Conduct a Worldwide Patent Search

As with any patent application, you need to make sure that the invention you are trying to patent is not already patented, or if you are improving upon an existing invention, that your improvement is different enough from the original patent. Even if you are only seeking to patent your invention in the U.S. you should still conduct a worldwide patent search to avoid international infringement issues.

If you fail to conduct proper research and worldwide patent search protocols, you may end up facing early rejection due to your invention already being patented.Inventors who hold existing patents may also benefit from conducting a periodic worldwide patent search to make sure there have not been any recent patents filed that are too similar to theirs.

How to Conduct a Worldwide Patent Search

The simple, basic worldwide patent search can be conducted by anyone with access to the Internet by visiting the World Intellectual Property Organization’sPatentScope website. While this search engine has a good functionality and reporting interface, a user unfamiliar with patent law and applications may be confused by some of the structure of the documents.

The biggest drawback of the online worldwide patent search is that only small portions are translated into English, with the main part of the patent in the applicant’s native language. An experienced California patent attorney will help you handle a worldwide patent search involving patent results in other languages.

The Benefits of a California Patent Attorney

When trying to conduct a worldwide patent search you can do a preliminary search with the online engine. However, as you go further into the results, you may find it’s easier and more reliable to have the help of a California patent attorney.

A California patent attorney from the ADLI Law Group P.C. will help you conduct your worldwide patent search and review the results to determine your next course of action when filing your patent. Contact us today for experienced help with your patent application and searches – 213-290-4933.